What is the CCEP?


The California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP) is a civic engagement research and outreach initiative for the state of California and the nation. Founded and directed by Mindy Romero, it is housed at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change.

The CCEP's Mission

CCEP conducts non-partisan research to inform policy and on-the-ground efforts for a more engaged and representative democracy, improving the social and economic quality of life in communities.

What are the CCEP’s goals?

The CCEP was established to engage public dialogue on representative governance. CCEP research is intended to inform and empower a wide range of policy and organizing efforts, supporting equity and well-being throughout California and the nation.

Why is the CCEP important?

We believe that inclusive civic engagement can help overcome disparities in social and economic well-being, and can improve health, education and employment outcomes for all Californians. CCEP research also helps explore non-traditional measures of civic engagement, particularly among groups historically underrepresented in our civic and political institutions.

Who uses the CCEP?

The CCEP has become a go-to source for electoral and civic engagement research, examining nationally relevant election reforms such as automatic voter registration, online voter registration and vote centers. Legislators, public agencies, advocates, researchers, community leaders, as well as local, state, national and international media use its pioneering research to track disparities and opportunities in civic participation by place and population. The CCEP partners with non-partisan civic engagement groups to increase political participation among young voters and other underrepresented groups.

What tools and resources does the CCEP offer?

The CCEP utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to carry out spatial analysis, highlighting hotspots of civic engagement by place and population. The CCEP also produces a policy brief series highlighting the role played by underrepresented groups, such as California’s Latino, Asian-American and youth electorate. The CCEP welcomes inquiries and partnerships on issues regarding civic participation in California and beyond.

Want to learn more about the CCEP?

Access our CCEP Publications, learn about the CCEP’s national advisory committee, or review the extensive coverage of the CCEP’s work in the media. For questions, contact Director Mindy Romero at msromero@ucdavis.edu.