Research for a Stronger, More Inclusive Democracy

The California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP) is a non-partisan civic engagement research and outreach initiative for the state of California and the U.S. Founded and directed by Mindy Romero, it is housed at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change. 

The CCEP provides data and analysis to inform public dialogue about representative governance. We believe that inclusive civic engagement can help overcome disparities in social and economic well-being, and can improve health, education and employment outcomes for all Californians.

The CCEP has become a go-to source for electoral and civic engagement research, including the examination of nationally relevant election reforms such as automatic voter registration, online voter registration and vote centers. Legislators, public agencies, advocates, researchers, media (state and national) and community leaders use its pioneering research to track disparities and opportunities in civic participation by place and population.

The CCEP invites inquiries and feedback on its research from all interested audiences. Click here to share your thoughts.

Recent News

Mapping California's Politically Vulnerable Communities Project Launch!

The UC Davis California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP), in partnership with the Office of the California Secretary of State, presents an innovative visualization of political participation in California’s communities.  The CCEP has created a new, public interactive web platform that maps the relationship between low voter turnout and the economic, educational and health challenges faced by communities in our state.

This new mapping tool shows voter turnout in recent elections, down to the neighborhood precinct level.  It also highlights “hot spots” of political vulnerability across the state, where residents lack a strong voice in the political process and face multiple disadvantages in terms of economic, educational and health outcomes.

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New research on the California Primary Vote

New data just released by the CCEP shows that young and Latino voters in the state turned out in relatively high numbers for the June 2016 presidential primary election, significantly narrowing the participation gap for these historically underrepresented groups

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